We are COVID-Secure

We are open! From 4 July 2020 the doors of Electric Playbox are open for some post-lockdown fun. We’re ready to welcome you to enjoy our immersive team Adventures once again. Click ‘Book Now’ to visit now.

We know there remain many questions and uncertainties in relation to COVID-19 (C-19) however we are reopening in a way which makes us fully compliant with all C-19 social distancing regulations as laid out by the Government.



The key points within our plan to keep you safe and the experience enjoyable are as follows:

  • Online check-in will take place before you arrive – look out for an email the day before your experience;
  • We are staggering start times to mean that only one group will be coming in or out of the lobby at one time and entry and exit will be by separate doors;
  • Playboxes (walls, floor, door), visors, lockers and toilets will be fully cleaned between each group’s session and hand sanitiser will be available throughout the venue; and
  • Electric Playbox team members will be on-site to help but will remain at least 2m away from groups at all times.

The key things for customers will be to:

CHECK-IN IN ADVANCE – check your email the day before arrival and follow the instructions

BE ON TIME – which means arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled start time

WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS – our team will tell you when to come into the lobby and when to leave your Playbox; please wait for them to confirm to avoid mixing with other groups.

Because of our new staggered start times, it’s important that you arrive for your booking 10 minutes before the allocated start time. This will mean you can be fully briefed and ready to start your experience on time and ensure that there is no crossover between you and another group. If you are running late it will be extremely difficult to slot you in as a result of these measures (as we would usually aim to do).


What if we make a booking and there’s a change in Government policy or we change our mind?

We completely understand that the situation may change in relation to social distancing and that you may also change your mind about visiting. To put your mind at rest, all bookings offer quibble-free cancellation until 24 hours before your visit and, if we can’t be open, you can select a refund or choose to change your date.

Do your plans mean that there will only ever be one customer group in the building at any one time?

No, we are staggering start times so that groups will not meet when they arrive or leave but groups will be present in the building at the same time in Playboxes. However, Playboxes themselves are individual, fully enclosed spaces so there is no crossover between them. We will also limit visits to the toilets to groups on arrival (sorry!).

Can a group play an Adventure while socially distant from each other?

While it is technically possible (there is enough space for a groups to be 2m from each other while standing still in the Playbox) we don’t expect groups to be able to maintain 2m between each member while playing. By their nature, our Adventures encourage moving around the Playbox which would make this almost impossible. As such, groups should be made up of people who do not need to socially distance from each other (based on Government advice).

How can we be sure that Playboxes are fully cleaned between sessions?

We are excited to welcome you back into Electric Playbox and our commitment in reopening is to ensure that we are fully compliant with all C-19 related regulations. We’d rather do too much than too little to ensure that we can offer you the chance to enjoy time with your chosen group in a safe way and this includes a full clean down of our game space.

Do we have to wear masks or other personal protective equipment while playing?

We don’t plan on this being part of our reopening policy as groups will not come into contact with other groups and will remain 2m from any members of the Electric Playbox team. However, as we approach 4 July, we do expect that the Government may release further information about measures to be put in place and we’ll follow these guidelines.

What about members of the Electric Playbox team?

The measures we’re putting in place to keep our customers safe are also there to keep our team safe. They are excited to be back open and welcoming guests but – like you – they want to feel comfortable and secure. In addition to remaining at least 2m away from customers, team members will remain at least 2m away from each other throughout their shifts and will have access to hand sanitiser and masks.

Is there a car park at Electric Playbox as we’ll be driving into the city?

Unfortunately not however there are a few parking options available nearby including the Union Car Park on Great Suffolk Street (please note that they only accept cash) and some on-street parking which is metered. 

Is there a place to store bikes at Electric Playbox as we’ll arrive by bike?

We don’t have a specific bike rack available however there are various options in the surrounding area including fencing and lampposts where bikes could be locked. For Santander Cycles, there are docking points within 5 minutes walk of the unit at Southwark Station and on Blackfriars Road.

Do you think it is safe to travel to central London to visit Electric Playbox?

We are delighted to be planning to reopen from 4 July in a way that is socially responsible and conforms to guidelines but appreciate there are many other elements to a visit including how you arrive into the city and what you might choose to do afterwards. Ultimately only you can decide when you feel comfortable travelling to visit us and we’ll look forward to welcoming you whenever that is!

What if I have an existing booking with you?

If you have an existing booking with us, we highly encourage you to rebook your session for a later date so you can have a fun, sociable experience to look forward to in the coming months. Your continued support for our business will make a huge difference to us. There are several options open to you:

1. Rebook your session for a later date.
2. Request a credit note to use when it suits you.
3. Request a refund.

You can rebook yourself up to 48 hours before your booking by following the below instructions:

> Open the confirmation email you received when you booked your tickets.

> Click on the ‘Manage my booking’ button.

> Select a new date for your session.

If you would prefer to receive a credit note or a refund for any bookings, please contact help@electricplaybox.com with your booking details and we’ll be able to process this for you ourselves.